Airport Crew Terminal at DWC

Case Study: Airport Crew Terminal

Spacemaker was awarded the build of a new airport crew terminal and briefing center consisting of a 3,600 sqm two story building. An ambitious timeline combined with a desire to minimise cost meant that Spacemaker’s modular buildings were an ideal solution.


Spacemaker designed a state of the art briefing center, made solely from modular sections. 

Working closely with the client to finalise design, engineering and approve materials, the first module was on site within two months and the handover of the centre was completed a month later.

The build was managed by an onsite team who project managed the installation while liaising closely with security staff due to working on an operational
airport site.

Our flexibility in design enabled us to meet the architectural requirements and was one of the greatest advantages to our client who had never used modular sections to build a semi-permanent structure.

The flexibility allowed the airline to add, remove or modify architectural design with no impact on the structure.

The first module was on site within two months.

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