Blast resistant building

Case Study: Blast Resistant Module (BRM)

We have several projects utilising our BRMs (Blast Resistant Modules). These are specialist buildings utilised by the Oil & Gas industry (and the Military -as ballistic designs are also available).

Designed in accordance with DNV and independently certified prior to installation, all our blast resistant buildings are compliant with API 752 and 753, and specifically designed to ensure workplace safety in hazardous areas.

Our first build (20 modules) was completed in under 12 weeks.

The design of our BRMs was formulated after a thorough research and development phase conducted by our engineering teams. Preliminary design concepts were shared and reviewed with key customers to ensure we would be providing not just a new product, but one that was felt to be tailored precisely to their needs. Post product development we engaged with consultants, engineers and other specialists to develop a manufactured solution which we produce at our manufacturing facility in the UAE.

Working with Byrne Equipment Rental

This focus was to provide a specific product for our sister company Byrne Equipment Rental, who would rent these modules to clients across the Gulf as part of its rental equipment fleet. The process was fast track and effective. Our first build (20 modules) was completed in under 12 weeks. The overall result was well received by the end user and accordingly we have since extended our capacity and fleet in the Middle East to ensure availability of stock, and more importantly ensure safety in these hazardous areas for our clients.

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