Case Study: Expo 2020

Spacemaker was contracted to deliver a hybrid mixed-use building to meet the energy efficient criteria and sustainability requirements of EXPO 2020 in Dubai. 

Forward thinking engineers were able to provide a cost effective, tailor made modular design in accordance with the stringent requirements of EXPO while reducing build time compared to a traditional build.

The innovative design was made up of 106 prefabricated modular sections, pre-plumbed, pre-powered and pre-commissioned, ready for installation on site within fifteen days of contract award.

In order to meet the client’s schedule, Spacemaker operated 24/7, both in the factory and on-site. The building plot was cut and ready for foundations within seven days of mobilisation, a further seven days later the precast foundations were complete and installed on-site and on the fifteenth day the first module was in place. After a total of six weeks the building structure and first fix service connections were completed and tested.

As the access roads were being planned, hard landscaping works commenced across the plot, including a centre courtyard, RTA bus stop and service yards.

Meanwhile the interior works continued day and night, including the installation of elevators, majalis, VRF AC system, glazing, marble works, external terrace areas, IT and fire alarm connectivity and final commissioning. On the eighty-ninth day the building was occupied. 

With the focus on quality, delivery and the environment, from designing elements such as LED lighting, LRV, recycled initiatives, solar energy, BIO diesel and more, Spacemaker delivered a quality building in record time. Externally, the incorporation of recycling systems for water irrigation, location and positioning of the building and glazing to optimise day light were all areas of focus. The use of any material which negatively impacted the environment was prohibited from the site and the specifications for items such as timber, glue, diesel and paints were all carefully specified by a team of environmental experts.

The highlight of the project was the opening, when the first building was handed over to Dubai EXPO. The building plays a major role in delivering the most exclusive, innovative and futuristic EXPO to date. 

Spacemaker delivered a quality building in record time.

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