Oilfield camp

Case Study: Oilfield Camp

Khazzan oilfield development camp in Oman incorporates over 2,000 bed spaces, plus ancillary buildings such as kitchens, gymnasiums, dining rooms, laundry, recreation facilities and more – all custom designed and built by Spacemaker.

We tailored the camps: some for worker accommodation (with shared facilities), others for driller accommodation, and some designed as housing blocks (with private en-suite facilities) for senior staff. 

As well as the buildings themselves, we provided the infrastructure required to facilitate the complex including roads, power, water, drainage, sewage and external lighting and fencing.


Working with our sister company Byrne Equipment Rental in Oman, we were able to contribute to the local initiatives with regard to supporting Omanisation. Some of the camps were effectively built and operated by Byrne and in some cases rented to clients for fixed periods of time, then transferred back to Byrne. Through this rental initiative our clients were able to fund their camp through OPEX as opposed to CAPEX.

HSE Focus

The focus on this project was HSE. Strict guidelines were set and conformance to the most stringent BP standards were required – all of which we were able to comply with. Over this period our team successfully completed over 500,000 error free man hours free. The camps were delivered on time and ready for occupancy in line with the strict timelines of the project.

Logistical Efficiency

A smooth transition between international borders was crucial to the success of the project as our logistics team worked 24/7 to ensure all documentation satisfied customs and site requirements.

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